Webinar | MitoBiom therapy: Probiotics for intestinal health and mitochondrial function

27. Oktober 2022 um 19:00 – 20:30
Sabine Kraus
+49 2762 9836-1322
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Webinar für medizinische Fachkreise
Zielgruppe: Heilberufe, Ärzte

MitoBiom® therapy: Probiotics for intestinal health and mitochondrial function

Chronic inflammation and intestinal dysbiosis contribute increasingly to modern societies´ health conditions, affecting many organ systems. Probiotics provide multiple systemic health benefits. They strengthen the intestinal barrier, exert metabolic, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects, and support the elimination of toxins and pathogens. Increasing evidence suggests their important role for the prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases, with gastrointestinal and non-intestinal pathogenesis.

Intestinal bacterial species and mitochondria share common characteristics due to their shared evolutionary ancestry. In fact, mitochondria orchestrate a vast array of biological processes, from energy production and metabolism to inflammation and cell death. They are central hubs in regulating innate immunity and inflammatory responses. Metabolic health and mitochondrial health are therefore synonymous. A damaged gut can cause silent inflammation, which in turn can damage mitochondria of the intestinal epithelium. This initiates and maintains a vicious cycle of inflammation, dysbiosis, damaged mitochondria and chronic disease. The MitoBiom®-Concept targets the dysregulated microbiota and the unbalanced cellular/mitochondrial mechanisms as root causes of this vicious cycle, to dampen inflammation and provide health promotion, healthy ageing, disease prevention and recovery.

In this webinar, Dr Schuller will give an overview on the effects and applications of probiotic bacterial species, considering also the contribution of mitochondria in the inflammatory signaling. Practical recommendations on intestinal analysis, the selection of suitable probiotic preparations and micronutrients for mitochondrial support will also be presented.

Ihre Referentin

Dr. Dorit Schuller

  • Biologiestudium in Nürnberg
  • 10-jährige Tätigkeit als Juniorprofessorin in Portugal
  • Umweltwissenschaften Molekularbiologie u. Mikrobiologie


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