Lower VAT: oddly enough, these prices are real

You can get odd prices at TISSO now for half a year, because we are passing the reduced value added tax directly on to you from July.

Today the reduction in value added tax decided by the Federal Government comes into force. This means that the general rate will only be 16 percent by the end of the year instead of 19 percent. The reduced rate, which also applies to most TISSO products, will fall from 7 to 5 percent.

The online prices in the TISSO webshop apply!

The double re-labelling of all prices in all printed materials would be too costly and not environmentally friendly. So the price information in the catalogue, flyers and price lists remains unchanged.

With orders we automatically calculate the currently reduced value added tax rate in your favour.

For existing subscription deliveries, the value added tax will of course also be adjusted in the coming monthly or quarterly invoices.

We are giving the reduced gross prices to all customers within the EU.
This means that our customers in other EU countries will also benefit from the reduced prices during the temporary reduction in value added tax in Germany.