MitoBiom®-Concept targets the vital bacteria in the gut as well as the vital bacteria in the cells, the mitochondria – the powerhouses of our cells that developed from bacteria millions of years ago and that still possess the properties of their ancestors today.

Mitochondria and the microbiome react equally sensitively to stress. An unhealthy lifestyle and harmful environmental factors put pressure on both of them – with consequences for the entire organism.

Damaged mitochondria as well as a damaged gut can cause silent inflammation which in turn can cause chronic diseases. A vicious cycle that can be broken.

Only healthy mitochondria provide energy. And only a healthy gut with a natural and species-rich microbiome can fulfil its diverse tasks. MitoBiom®-Concept combines both of these fundamental approaches in a unique way into a complete, holistic concept – in a way that is natural, lasting, scientifically based, and successful in therapeutic practice.

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Lasting and measurable therapeutic success
With MitoBiom®-Concept you learn a natural and holistic concept which you can use to help your patients in particular achieve better health.

Easy applicability
MitoBiom®-Concept combines a scientifically based method with a high level of practicability. You can readily combine MitoBiom®-Concept with other methods and thus effectively expand your spectrum.

Easy learnability
After just one seminar, you can begin implementing the therapy directly! Experienced experts teach you the necessary know-how regarding MitoBiom® -Concept in the TISSO-Academy.

Technical support and personal advice
We’re here for you: with a broad range of technical information in our specialist portal and also with individual, personal advice.
Our customer service, our seminar service and the experts on our professional hotline are available to provide you with help and advice.


Are you a doctor, alternative practitioner or dietitian? Take advantage of a holistic diagnostic and therapeutic concept which is already being used successfully in more than 6.000 practices in Germany and abroad.

In the TISSO-Academy, our skilled expert instructors provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge you need for the safe and experienced implementation of MitoBiom®-Concept in your practice.

You will learn the scientific background of the concept and its practical application in two-day, practice-oriented module seminars which we regularly offer at various locations. In addition, special seminars and free webinars offer you a variety of technical suggestions and perspectives on MitoBiom®-Concept. The TISSO-Academy service team ensures an enjoyable atmosphere and optimal support before, during and after our continuing education sessions.

recommend the TISSO Academy to their colleagues.
use the knowledge they learned directly in their practice.

The expertise of our presenters as well as the practicability and comprehensibility of the contents are regularly assessed as “very good” by our seminar participants.

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