NEW: Pro Präbioma now with an improved formula

New fibres that are now even easier to take:
TISSO has now improved its fibre product Pro Präbioma

The core of Pro Präbioma is the carefully chosen soluble fibres – perfectly matched for well-balanced intestinal flora.
Now new: with α-gluco-oligosaccharides

The new
fibre quartet of Pro Präbioma

  1. partially hydrolysed guar gum
  2. acacia fibre
  3. resistant dextrin
  4. NEW: α-gluco-oligosaccharides

plus calcium and zinc
for metabolism and digestion

New fibre: α-gluco-oligosaccharides

α-gluco-oligosaccharides (GOSα, trademark: BioEcolians®) are unique glucose polymers which have been extracted enzymatically from the natural sugars sucrose and maltose. What makes GOSα so unique is the α-1.2 glycosidic bond in its glucose chain. This cannot be dissolved by human digestive enzymes. Only probiotic intestinal bacteria are able to make use of the GOSα thanks to their own enzymes. Studies have shown that more than 80% of the BioEcolians® GOSα ingested reach the intestine and take effect there. They are available to the intestinal bacteria for the fermentation of short-chained fatty acids.

Even easier to take: simply stir and drink!

The new powder has a neutral taste, dissolves fully in water, and does not gelatinise.

Slow-fermentable fibres for excellent tolerance

Many soluble fibres are metabolised very rapidly by the gut flora. Präbioma only contains fibres that are slowly and carefully fermented in the intestine. In contrast with quickly metabolised fibres, it does not result in increased gas formation. Pro Präbioma is also easily digestible for sensitive digestive systems.

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