NEW: Pro Curmin Forte – Curcumin with 40 times higher bioavailability

Now offering our well-established, classic formula in a new and improved quality: the new curcumin formula contains the potent polyphenol in an up to 40 times higher bioavailability, combined with natural substances that effectively support its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant impact.

Curcumin with up to 40 times higher bioavailability

Curcumin is known for its many beneficial properties – but also for its low bioavailability. However, it is not large quantities that are needed to supply the body with the optimum amount of curcumin, just the right formula. This is why Pro Curmin Forte contains the innovative, raw material with the brand name CAVACURMIN®. This unique form of curcumin is up to 40 times more absorbable as a result of being embedded in water-soluble cyclodextrins.

A daily dose of 150 mg curcuminoids from CAVACURMIN® provides as much bioavailable curcumin as around 6000 mg of conventional curcumin powder.

A strong team: tumerosaccharides – natural companions for curcumin

Turmeric is more than just curcumin: although little is known about the special sugar compounds of the turmeric root, the so-called tumerosaccharides, they are just as valuable. Their beneficial effects have already been demonstrated in several studies.

Extra portion of polyphenols + vitamin C

One polyphenol rarely comes alone: apart from curcurmin, the formula has also been enriched by quercetin, ginger-gingerols and theaflavins from black tea.

In addition, Pro Curmin Forte supplies the body with cell-protecting vitamin C* – with a pH-neutral magnesium ascorbate barrier that is kind to the stomach.

Pro Curmin Forte – Curcumin and more!

  • Curcumin with up to 40 times higher bioavailability due to an innovative cyclodextrin formula (without polysorbates)
  • 1 daily dose = 150 mg curcuminoids from CAVACURMIN®, equivalent to about 6000 mg conventional curcumin powder
  • with tumerosaccharides, ginger-gingerols, quercetin & theaflavins
  • plus vitamin C for cell protection and for the immune system providing a magnesium ascorbate barrier that is kind to the stomach

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Cyclodextrins – curcumin in packages

Curcumin is fat-soluble and is stored in the aqueous intestinal system, making it difficult pass through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. The trick to get more curcumin through the intestinal wall is to put the molecules in a water-soluble package. CAVACURMIN® cyclodextrins have precisely this function.

Cyclodextrins are ring-shaped glucose compounds with a unique property: they have a hydrophilic outer surface and a hydrophobic cavity. The tiny “molecular bags” absorb the fat-soluble curcumin molecules, giving them a water-soluble shell. They are released again into the intestine and are thus better absorbed via the intestinal wall.

In combination with the CAVACURMIN® cyclodextrins, curcumin is absorbed up to 40 times more efficiently from the intestine into the blood.

… when the alternative is simply the better choice.

Studies on the bioavailability of modern curcumin formulas show a significantly higher absorption from the intestine into the blood stream for the two substances cyclodextrin and polysorbate 80. Formulas with polysorbate 80 were shown to have the highest bioavailability.

However, polysorbate 80 is an artificial emulsifier (E433) that is suspected of attacking the intestinal mucosa and causing intestinal inflammation. This is why we have deliberately chosen the “second-best substance”, the cyclodextrins. These are simply broken down in the body into harmless glucose molecules.

Vitamin C for your health:


Vitamin C

  • helps the immune system to function normally.
  • ihelps to protect cells against oxidative stress.
  • contributes to normal collagen formation. Collagen is the most important fibre component of skin, bones, cartilage, blood vessels, gums and teeth.

For legal reasons, we cannot provide any further information about the physiological properties of the other ingredients (background information here). Simply find out yourself by checking the relevant websites and/or ask your therapist.