NEW from TISSO: Pro Lactoferrin Immun

Lactoferrin is one of the most important immune proteins in mothers' milk. It protects breastfed newborns from harmful germs and at the same time helps them to absorb sufficient iron. In the "adult" immune system, its iron-binding property also plays an important role. In addition, a whole range of other infection-preventing and immune-strengthening mechanisms are now known and documented.

The all-rounder protein is now also available as a TISSO formulation:

Pro Lactoferrin Immun
with the branded raw material Lactoferrin CLN™ and vitamin C 

to support the body's defences and iron balance

• Highly dosed with 400 mg lactoferrin per day
• Lactoferrin CLN™ - high-purity bovine lactoferrin in premium quality
• 98% purity through patented two-step purification
• free of lipopolysaccharides (LPS)
• proven to be more bioactive than conventional lactoferrin products
• 200 mg vitamin C - well tolerated (buffered) as sodium ascorbate
• Enteric-coated capsules (DRcaps®) for optimal release in the intestine
• lactose-free (content < 0.1 %)

Lactoferrin - the mothers' milk protein with multiple effects
Lactoferrin is an extremely versatile immune protein with numerous antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, which also contributes to iron metabolism. It is found in particularly high concentrations in protective mothers' milk. As part of the innate immune response, it is also found in numerous body secretions, on the mucous membranes and in special defence cells (neutrophil granulocytes), from which it is released during infections and inflammations.

Its biological activity is based primarily on the fact that it binds enormously efficient to iron, but also to pathogens, and interacts with various immune cells and receptors. As an iron-binding protein from the group of transferrins, it deprives harmful bacteria of the mineral that is just as vital for them and thus prevents them from multiplying. At the same time, it supports iron absorption and distribution in the body.

Lactoferrin also attaches directly to viruses, bacteria and bacterial endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides, LPS) and neutralises them in this way. Probiotic bacteria, on the other hand, are even favoured in their growth, whereby lactoferrin positively influences the intestinal microbiome and intestinal health.

In addition, lactoferrin modulates the body's own immune cells and contributes to a balanced immune system by promoting the TH1/TH2 balance. A permanent imbalance of the T-helper cells TH1 and TH2 is considered to be one of the causes of autoimmune diseases and allergies.

With all these properties, lactoferrin is ideal for strengthening the natural defences. In addition, it can provide supplementary support in cases of iron deficiency.

... and purity law!
Lactoferrin is extracted from cow's milk or whey. If the extracted protein is not purified thoroughly enough, it can be contaminated with endotoxins and other impurities from the milk and is thus unusable for the body.
Lactoferrin CLN™ used by TISSO has a uniquely high degree of purity of 98% thanks to patented multi-stage purification and is therefore demonstrably more bioactive than conventional lactoferrin products.

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