NEW: Pro Mineral Complete is here!

"As a trace element or in larger quantities: Nothing works without minerals.
In some situations and phases of life, however, the need is higher than one's own diet can provide. That's exactly why Pro Mineral Complete is now available."

Pro Mineral Complete provides all the important minerals in perfect doses in one formula and at the same time ensures their optimal absorption with a unique range of a total of 17 excellently bioavailable compounds.

Crucial minerals are available from several sources: Pro Mineral Complete contains three forms of magnesium and two forms each of calcium, potassium, zinc and manganese. The targeted combination of inorganic salts with selected organic amino and fruit acid chelates enables the minerals to be particularly well absorbed and utilised in the body.

In the typical Western diet, the calcium content is usually many times too high compared to the magnesium content. The 2:1 ratio often advertised today was originally only a minimum recommendation for the magnesium content! Numerous organs and bodily functions depend on the interplay and thus on the balanced quantitative ratio of these two minerals. Modern studies speak for their equal ratio in the body - just as it corresponds to the original and natural Stone Age or Paleo diet without calcium-rich dairy products!

That is why Pro Mineral Complete contains the two partner minerals in their evolutionary 1:1 ratio and also completely covers the magnesium requirement with a daily dose.

The formula is rounded off with a multi-mineral complex from Lithothamnium red algae.