Nutrients for women

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Nutrients for women

In a balanced diet, it is not only important to cover the need for macronutrients - such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins - but also the need for essential micronutrients - such as vitamins and minerals. The need depends on age, lifestyle and, above all, gender. Although women have a lower energy requirement than men, the need for micronutrients is usually just as high or sometimes even higher.

Therefore, it is especially important for women to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle so that their nutrient needs are met even with a lower energy intake.

But not only the lower energy requirement, but also other factors can increase one's own nutrient requirements. These include, for example:

At this time, the female body changes extremely. Sexual maturity begins and the body prepares for pregnancy every month. Due to the period and often also psychological changes, there is an increased need for nutrients.

Birth control pill:
It interferes with the nutrient balance and deprives the body of important vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Doing justice to both work and family often creates stress. This leads to increased cortisol levels, which robs our body of some nutrients.

Permanent calorie restriction often leads to a nutrient deficiency. If low-fat products are also consumed, the body does not get enough essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Intense training:
Sport and exercise are of course essential for our bodies. However, in moderation. Sporting training increases the need for essential nutrients. One should always pay attention to sufficient regeneration and sleep.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding:
Due to the creation of a new life, the female body has an increased micronutrient requirement during pregnancy and also during breastfeeding. During this time, nutrients are needed for two people.

During the menopause, the female body again undergoes extreme changes. The beginning is usually a lack of progesterone and expands with a lack of oestrogen.
The production of male hormones fails and ultimately leads to the woman becoming infertile. This completely upsets the hormonal balance - which manifests itself in hot flushes, sleep disorders and dizzy spells.

Now, of course, the question is which nutrients are particularly important for the female body and which women should pay special attention to. Basically, all micronutrients are vital for us, but there are some nutrients that have a special significance in the female body. These include:

For a healthy immune system 
Vitamin C and D, folate as well as zinc are important for a healthy function of the immune system.

For normal collagen production
Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen production.

For cell division 
Folate has a function in cell division.

For normal reproduction 
Zinc contributes to normal fertility and reproduction. Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, skin, hair and nails.

For the maintenance of the bones 
Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones and vitamin D contributes to normal blood calcium levels.

For normal function of the nervous system
Magnesium contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


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