More than 6000 doctors, alternative healthcare practitioners and nutritionists are already actively implementing the TISSO nutritional concept.


We have been collaborating closely with our partners in the healthcare sector worldwide for many years. As a supplier of high-grade micro and macronutrients, we are regarded as a reliable and competent partner. 

We also offer our partners a variety of advanced training programmes relating to the TISSO nutritional concept and various specialist fields in complementary medicine.

Your benefits as a TISSO partner

  • in-depth specialist product information
  • insight into lab-documented case reports
  • comprehensive range of advanced specialist training programmes, also online
  • a hotline offering specialist support


Mitochondrial medicine and microbiome therapy form the basis of our therapy concept, MitoBiom Cell Therapy®.

A key component of MitoBiom Cell Therapy® is the TISSO dietary concept, which is based on the fundamental principle that giving the body an optimal supply of nutrients makes a decisive contribution to a person’s health. The contaminated and heavily processed foods, stress and other environmental factors frequently raise our need for nutrients that are difficult to cover by our normal diet.

TISSO conveys its therapeutic expertise on MitoBiom Cell Therapy® in seminars, webinars and lectures for medical specialists. The central focus is on the treatment of chronic inflammation and the restoration of the mitochondrial function. In this context, an anti-inflammatory diet, combined with microbiome treatment is of fundamental importance. The primary goal of a practice-oriented advanced training course is to enable you to make safe and competent use of nutritional products for your therapeutic practice.  

In the fields of personal nutrition, detoxification, intravenous nutrient supply and lab analytics, TISSO Academy collaborates with experienced advanced training partners.

Do you want to become a TISSO partner?

Then get in touch with us. We would be happy to explain to you the possibilities and benefits of cooperating with TISSO and give you comprehensive advice.

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