Perfect for your travel baggage! Pro EM san junior – liked by both young and old

Space-saving 500ml version, lightly sweetened with raspberries and the sweetener steviol glycoside.It’s that time of the year again, the summer holiday period – and for many it is a fight to squeeze everything into their suitcase. Is Pro EM a must?? Then just take our compact 500ml-sized Pro EM san junior.

This practical, travel-friendly version of our proven classic also comes in a lightly sweetened flavour from natural raspberry and the sweetener steviol glycoside – a delicious alternative for both young and old.

Our tried-and-tested PRO EM SAN in the 500 ml version
with a unique range of lactic acid cultures, lightly and naturally sweetened – tasty for old and young

  • 31 high-dosage, active microorganism strains
    particularly Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus bacterium
  • 24 selected herbal and plant extracts
  • practical travel size: handy 500ml bottle when travelling
  • with natural raspberry flavouring and the sweetener steviol glycoside

Put it in your suitcase now!

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