Pro Amino MA8: it’s real sporty stuff

Now at TISSO: Pro Amino MA8 – the natural amino acid complex for optimal protein synthesis.

Protein: it’s all about having the right mixture.

Giving the body a balanced supply of essential amino acids to cover its protein needs is particularly important when doing weight training and endurance sports, and also when under stress or when you're on one-sided, low-protein or vegetarian or vegan diet.

Pro Amino MA8 supplies the body with all eight essential amino acids in quickly absorbable, free form and in perfect ratio to amino acids in the human body.

99% anabolically digestible

In Pro Amino MA8's unique composition, no amino acid has a limiting effect, with the result that all amino acids contained are basically completely available for the building up of body protein: 99% of the amino acids are metabolised anabolically. Only 1% of nitrogen waste and energy is produced through catabolic processes – this saves calories and relieves the liver, kidneys and digestion.

fast absorption

The free amino acids do not first have to be digested enzymatically and they quickly enter the bloodstream. Capsule shells made of fast-dissolving pullulan support direct absorption.

100% vegan and without additives

Just amino acids and vegan pullulan – nothing else. Pro Amino MA8 are completely without additives, and all essential amino acids it provides are from vegetable sources.