Product replacement: Pro Mineral Complete replaces Pro Sango Vital II

The beginning of the year is also a good time to sort out and say goodbye to the outdated. That is why our previous mineral preparation Pro Sango Vital II is no longer available. We have mainly overhauled ourselves, because with Pro Mineral Complete, TISSO has been offering a more modern and efficient mineral formula since October.

Pro Mineral Complete
The most important differences to
Pro Sango Vital II

More minerals
Pro Mineral Complete offers 11 essential minerals in one formulation. For a comprehensive mineral supply, we have adapted the dosages of calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, manganese, molybdenum and selenium to current scientific findings and added the trace elements boron, chromium, copper and silicon

Organically and inorganically bound minerals combined
With a unique spectrum of a total of 17 mineral sources, Pro Mineral Complete ensures that the minerals contained are absorbed and used by the body in the best possible way. Mainly organic compounds (amino and fruit acid chelates) are used, which are sensibly supplemented by inorganic mineral salts. Magnesium is available in three different forms. Calcium, potassium, zinc and manganese are each combined twice.

In line with new findings, we have reduced the calcium dose and increased the magnesium dose to 100% of the recommended daily intake. The ratio of the two partner minerals is 1:1, which corresponds to the original and natural Stone Age diet.

• Vegan: Lithothamnium red algae instead of Sango sea coral
The Lithothamnium red alga replaces the Sango sea coral. With this, we have chosen firstly a particularly rich natural source of calcium and secondly a clearly vegan raw material.

• Without extra vitamins
In favour of an effective mineral supply, we have dispensed with additional vitamins in Pro Mineral Complete. A corresponding need can be specifically covered with suitable TISSO products (e.g. Pro Vita B Complete, Pro Vita D3 Öl Forte).