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TISSO – Who we are and what we do

Everything started with an alternative practitioner and a few billion gut bacteria: In the late 1990s, Albert Hesse, an alternative practitioner from Sauerland, was seeking a good probiotic for his patients that had the greatest possible variety of bacterial strains.
He did not find any such product and, then and there, he developed a multispecies preparation himself: Pro EM san, a naturally fermented herbal and plant extract with 31 carefully combined lactic acid bacterial cultures. With this formulation which has remained essential to this day, Albert Hesse founded TISSO in 1999. Today, TISSO specialises in the development and production of high-quality natural nutritional supplements. The product range currently includes around 40 formulations which are produced on site in Wenden and distributed internationally.

Quality from Germany = safe products for you!

As a modern, medium-sized company, we remain committed to our Wenden site because here we have everything under one roof, from our own development department to production and logistics to marketing – including our own stock of bacterial strains.

This also has a clear benefit for you as a customer: You can rely on the fact that our nutritional supplements meet the high quality specifications of German food legislation and contain only permissible ingredients at permissible dosages.

TISSO – Your nutrient specialist.

Our holistic nutrient concept

Good health starts in the cell: Trillions of our body‘s cells cannot complete their tasks because they do not receive sufficient nutrients. This is the intention behind our formulas. Our nutrient combinations are aimed in particular at an ideal supply for the gut and mitochondria as “powerhouses of the cells”.

It’s the combination that matters

Nature does not provide any single agents. Neither do we. Whether microorganisms for the gut, plant extracts, minerals, amino and fatty acids or vitamins – our formulas combine nutrients just as nature has shown us. As a result, they optimally support and strengthen once another. Not only the individual ingredients but also the formulations themselves are perfectly coordinated in our nutrient concept.

The best from theory and practice

All products we offer you are based on the latest scientific findings as well as on actual experiences from therapeutic practice.
To demonstrate the safety and positive properties of our formulations, we conduct studies and post-marketing surveillance and work closely together with laboratories and research institutes. Our products benefit from this – and so do you.

Highest quality from nature

Our raw material supplier is nature. This is because nature simply provides the best ingredients. We select our raw materials carefully according to quality, sustainability and purity and use only unprocessed and low-allergen ingredients. With our ultramodern production technology, we process raw materials as gently as possible so that they retain their natural properties.
In addition, we pay attention to high bioavailability of the ingredients – in this way, your organism can get the best out of our products.

Microorganisms from our own stock of strains

Everything from our own cultivation: In order for us to be able to consistently guarantee the highest quality and safety for our microorganism preparations, we maintain our own stock of bacterial strains in Wenden. Highly specialised professionals are in charge of the propagation and cultivation. All bacterial strains are regularly genotyped so that we can guarantee their uniform properties.

What is NOT in our products

You can be sure: Our formulations do not contain any genetically engineered raw materials, pesticides, or other harmful substances. In addition, we avoid the use of artificial additives such as preservatives and sweeteners, flavourings and flavour enhancers, and also gluten.

So that we ourselves can be sure, we have our raw materials and our finished products regularly tested in an accredited laboratory for heavy metals, pesticides, radioactivity, as well as for microbiological stability.

Down the hatch:
purely plant-based quality capsules

We offer a majority of our products as capsules because they generally are the optimal pharmaceutical form for our nutrient combinations – and because their production requires only very few technical adjuvants and additives.

So that you also know what you’re swallowing: We use high-quality and well-tolerated capsules made of plant-based cellulose (HPMC) or pullulan and intentionally avoid carrageenan, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and other unnecessary or questionable ingredients.

Nutritional supplements from our own development and production
• Holistic nutrient concept: scientifically based and proven in practice
• Targeted supply of nutrients, in particular for mitochondria and the gut/microbiome
• Perfectly coordinated ingredients
• Natural ingredients without artificial additives
• Optimal bioavailability
• Laboratory-tested quality
• Microorganisms from our own stock of strains

Environmental protection and sustainability

Nature gives us so many good things – especially the varied and wonderful ingredients for our nutrient formulations. We would like to give something back to nature, protect resources, and reduce our ecological footprint. To us, high quality and ecological responsibility are inseparable. For this reason, we obtain energy from green electricity, use process water from our own rainwater cisterns, and have our catalogues and advertising materials on environmentally friendly recycled paper.

For our product packaging as well, we raw materials that are as sustainable as possible: our “Pro EM san” bottles are already made of 100% recycled PET and we are currently in the process of also converting our PET containers to completely recycled materials.

Since 2021, TISSO has been a member of Bundesverband Nachhaltige
Wirtschaft (German Federal Association for a Sustainable Economy).


TISSO and Treedom start the TISSO forest

Trees are natural climate protectors: they produce oxygen, filter CO2 from the air, and their roots help protect the soil from erosion. Together with the worldwide environmental protection organisation Treedom, we are supporting the growth of new trees in Kenya: With 150 freshly planted fruit and timber trees in our own TISSO forest, we offer small farmers in a region particularly affected by climate change and deforestation a guaranteed source of agricultural income – and at the same time, we are offsetting 45,000 kg of carbon dioxide. The TISSO forest should continue to grow with us in the years to come.


Our vision

A healthy life and well-being for all people.

Our mission

By providing causal treatment based on natural raw materials and by imparting our technical knowledge, we make sustainable health possible and build awareness in society for an independent lifestyle.



We are always keeping an eye open for trends and developments.
To be able to offer new and even better products again and again, we are continuously acquiring new knowledge.


Like our model, nature, we use and combine resources as efficiently as possible to fully utilise synergies. We compose the formulations of our products such that the individual ingredients optimally complement, support and potentiate each other. Likewise, our nutritional concept relies on the best possible synergy effects of combined methods. We are always open to testing new therapeutic methods/approaches and creating additional synergies from them.


We always react in a solution-oriented manner to our customers’ wishes. We independently deliver individual solutions ourselves. Flexibility accelerates our own projects and thus also ensures our customer relationships.


Our activities are always guided by the demands of our customers. We always ask whether there’s something we can further improve or redesign. Continuous optimisation and further development in the company is the basic requirement for ensuring our customers’ satisfaction over the long term.


We value a pleasant and social working and customer environment. We always act in a manner which is respectful, appreciative, and tolerant. We treat customers, business partners and employees how we ourselves would like to be treated. We make promises only if we can keep them.


The preservation of nature is a high priority for us.
We place great value on high-quality and natural raw materials.
We are authentic.

Research and development

„TISSO nutrient formulas have been decisively shaped by a scientific research group composed of doctors, alternative health practitioners and natural scientists.

Scientific and practice-oriented

The TISSO research group keeps close track of the current scientific literature and maintains a continuous dialogue with external experts. Furthermore, for more than 10 years, labdocumented treatment reports have been collected and evaluated in close collaboration with international therapists. The conclusions drawn from these flow directly into the new and continued development of our nutrient formulas.

In order to corroborate the benefits of our food supplement products through studies and consumption monitoring, we work closely together with renowned research institutes and therapists. Thanks to our consistent scientific approach, we are able to offer our customers efficient nutrient products that are at the cutting edge of research.

Microorganisms from our own development laboratory

The effective microorganisms we use for our intestinal products are treated with particular care. In our own in-house laboratories, highly specialised staff are responsible for the cultivation and storage of the live strains of bacteria.

Our therapy concept

„Consistently natural - with our therapy and nutrient concept we have mimicked nature.

Our therapy concept incorporates two essential components: mitochondrial medicine and microbiome therapy. Many years of experience in therapy have reinforced our belief that these two areas are the principal cornerstones for good health.

An important nutritional-physiological contribution to the success of our therapy and nutrient concept is provided by our specially conceived nutrient formulas. It is also equally important to follow an anti-inflammatory diet and to avoid toxins. Treatment methods such as the Chelate therapy help the body to rid itself of toxins. Particularly in the case of Chelate therapy, the body often requires an intravenous supply of nutrients, in addition to oral uptake.

We work closely together with well-established partners in the field of individual dietary requirements, detoxification, intravenous supply of nutrients and laboratory analyses.

Our nutrient formulas

TISSO’s nutrient concept is based on the principle that an optimised supply of nutrients in terms of nutritional physiology makes a decisive contribution to a person’s health.

Our nutrient formulas were developed on the basis of research results in contemporary microbiome, mitochondrial and dietary medicine. This is further complemented by years of lab-documented, therapeutic practice from our own studies and consumption monitoring.

Our high-quality products are unique compositions of natural raw materials that have been optimally adapted to the needs of the human body. They help to supply the body with important micro and macro-nutrients. The optimal synergy effects of ingredients that are perfectly attuned to one another is what makes our nutrient compositions so distinct.

In the advanced training programmes we offer to medical staff, we convey the safe application of our own therapy and nutrient concept.

Quality and responsibility

„An optimal diet provides substantial support to one of our most valued assets: our health. We are aware of this responsibility vis-à-vis our customers and emphasise achieving the highest quality and nutritional-physiological benefits with all our products.

The highest quality from nature

Nature is our main raw material supplier, as nature simply has the best ingredients to offer. We select our ingredients strictly on the basis of quality, sustainability and purity. We use natural and low-allergenic ingredients. With our cuttingedge production technology, we process raw materials in the most gentle way possible, so that their natural properties are preserved.

We only process certified and hypoallergenic raw materials that are microbiologically tested in laboratories for heavy metals, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and radioactivity. This ensures that all our products have the highest possible level of purity and naturalness, and hence are perfectly safe for our customers.

TISSO products are free from genetically manipulated raw materials and other contaminants. We have also renounced the use of artificial flavours, additives and sweeteners as well as preservatives, flavour enhancers and gluten. Our PET product packages do not contain phthalates or other softening agents.

Gentle processing

Throughout the entire production process we rely on our specialists’ many years of experience and the use of state-ofthe-art production technology and manufacturing methods. This way we can ensure that the favourable qualities of the raw materials are preserved throughout processing right up until the end product.

Controlled quality

TISSO takes comprehensive quality assurance measures in order to achieve the highest product quality and to preserve all of the favourable properties of the raw materials. All processes, from the cultivation of raw materials to the preservation of bacterial strains and processing of raw materials to the end product, are controlled and monitored by highly qualified specialists.


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