„Our full service concept is characterised by efficiency, speed and flexibility.

More than 15 years of experience in the field of research, development, manufacture and marketing of dietary supplements guarantee first class quality. TISSO develops and produces high-grade dietary supplements and dietetic foodstuffs in capsules, tablets, powders and liquid products as well as liquid products with micro-organisms. From the development of the formula to the ready-made product, TISSO offers the complete spectrum of a contract manufacturer and assists its customers during the planning and implementation as a competent partner, with a holistic approach.


TISSO Naturprodukte employs scientists such as foodstuff technicians, micro-biologists, biologists, biotechnologists, alternative practitioners and biological-technical assistants. Thanks to the cooperation with more than 5,000 doctors and alternative practitioners the enterprise constantly keeps abreast with current subjects in the sphere of medicine and can make use of this knowledge directly in the product development. The fact that they have access to medical databases is a great help in the innovative and scientific product composition.

In addition, a cross-sector transfer of knowledge with universities, suppliers and institutions helps TISSO to remain specialised and up-to-date with current knowledge in all areas.

Range of services

„It is our aim to position all of our customers‘ products on the market, permanently and successfully.


Reliable and efficient: TISSO is the partner for made-to-measure solutions in the field of contract manufacturing. The enterprise not only has practical specialist knowhow, but also specialises in manufacturing with the help of modern technology and flexible production and laboratory capacities. The customers are integrated closely in all phases of the development process, from the product idea to the packaging.

Development and production


On the basis of much experience in the field of the production of microorganisms and polyphenols, TISSO is able to develop innovative formulas for every customer, in particular in this product segment. The knowledge about the synergy and potentisation effects of the individual polyphenols also comes to the fore here. For the development of liquid and powder products with microorganisms they have their own bacteria database.


The division into a number of performance classes makes flexible offers possible, from the small series to production en masse. Modern production facilities and qualified specialist personnel guarantee high product quality and reliability at all times.

Packaging and assembly

TISSO can supply the products as ready assembled goods in all sorts of packaging, or of course also as bulk product. The types of packaging on offer consist of: ready-filled capsules in jars, plastic boxes or filled blister packs, powder-filled plastic boxes and sachets, liquid-filled bottles. The packaging concept is tailored to the individual customer’s requirements.

Pro­duct ­de­sign

The packaging is not only important for the protection of the products, but is also an important part of the communication with the customer. It represents the haptic and visual appearance, which has a high impact on the success of the products. At the customer’s wish the graphics department can design the appearance of the product, advertising material and product information, which can be printed even in small series.


Effective quality management consists among other things of support when ensuring the marketability of all products. The range of services entails checking the labels on the basis of the legal labelling requirements and the marketability of the formula. The TISSO group of companies can also carry out micro-biological studies.

Pro­duct ­port­fo­lio

„We advise our customers systematically about the process, about how to optimise the purchase of raw materials, the formulas and the production processes.


TISSO is the contract manufacturer for several enterprises. The core competence lies in product lines for sales from industry and commerce, clinics, pharmacies and spa institutes. As a company, we at TISSO are constantly expanding our expertise towards the further development and optimisation of the existing product range, as well as for new product concepts. We have our own development laboratory with modern equipment at our disposal.

Range of products

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Powder
  • Liquid products
    • aqueous
    • oil
    • alcoholic


  • Production of mini batches
    • 250 doses and above
    • 30,000 capsules and above
  • Glass and PET containers
  • wide range of sizes, shapes and colours


  • Capsules
    • Bulk goods
    • Tins/glass jars (unlimited volume)
    • Blister packs
  • Powder
    • Bulk goods
    • Tins/glass jars (unlimited volume)
    • Sachets
  • Liquid