TISSO and Treedom start the TISSO forest

Nature gives us so much – especially the diverse and wonderful ingredients for our nutrient formulas. We would like to give something back and reduce our ecological foot print. It is for this reason that we are planting new trees in Kenya together with the worldwide environmental protection organisation Treedom.

With 150 freshly planted fruit and nut trees in our own TISSO forest, we offer small farmers a guaranteed source of agricultural income in a region particularly effected by climate change and deforestation – and, at the same time, also offset 45,000 kg of carbon dioxide. In the coming years, the TISSO forest will continue to grow along with us.

With Treedom, anyone who wants to can plant a tree with the click of a mouse. What’s so special: Every tree has its own online profile on Treedom’s interactive website that comes with a personal description and status reports. Tree adopters can thus follow their little sapling throughout its life and see how it grows and stores CO2.

Would you perhaps like to gift a special tree to yourself or you loved ones this festive season?